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      Tonight at 9 p.m. ET:

      • Phil Donahue is back! As the debate on the administration's health care reform heats up, so does the 'Hannity' set! Don't miss another Donahue-Hannity face-off that never disappoints!
      • Remember Ainlsey Earhardt's investigation last month on California farmers losing their crops to the endangered (and tiny) Delta smelt fish?

      (In case you missed it: Video I Transcript I Ainsleys blog)

      Well Thursday, the House narrowly defeated a measure that would have set aside regulations on the tap tightening project. Comedian Paul Rodriguezs family has a farm in the San Joaquin Valley, where it is estimated water will be reduced 5-7 percent in that area. He joins Sean tonight to give President Obama a piece of his mind.

      All that plus Mike Huckabees take on ABC News journalistic integrity and Hannitys America!

      Have a happy and healthy Fathers Day weekend!

      Tonight on 'Hannity'