• Karl Malone Supports Farmers, Do You?

      Basketball legend Karl Malone was on our Great American Panel on Wednesday night and he has an issue close to his heart -- the plight of farmers in Louisiana. Poultry brings $1.7 billion into the Louisiana economy, and one of the largest poultry plants is Pilgrim's Pride. Today Pilgrim's Pride announced that they are closing plants in Northern Louisiana and Southern Arkansas.

      In the process of closing the plants, 80,000 pullets or small mother hens will be killed, in order to bump up chicken prices. Worst of all, because of the plant closures, 7,000 hard working people will lose their jobs. Pilgrim's Pride has received offers to buy up these plants but they have turned them down in the face of the huge profit to be gained.

      We are asking people to help support the farmers and their families who have been caught in a trap and pressure Pilgrim's Pride to sell their properties.

      Please contact Governor Jindal's office and Commissioner Mike Strain to show your heartfelt support. Karl and all of the farmers in Louisiana would appreciate it.

      Here are some pictures last night of Karl, behind the scenes footage, and of our very entertaining Great American Panel from Wednesday night!




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