• With: Mitt Romney

    ROMNEY: Jimmy, I'm not running again. There are a lot of great candidates for 2016, and I'll be supporting the Republican nominee 100 percent.

    FALLON: Don't you mean 47 percent?


    ROMNEY: That's a low blow, but it's pretty funny.


    HANNITY: You like doing stuff like that?

    ROMNEY: I sure do. I must admit, over the last few years, it has been an absolute thrill to sit down with Jay Leno, also with Dave Letterman a couple of times. Jimmy Fallon is a very funny guy and really easy to be interviewed by. I'm going to miss Jay Leno, I got to tell you, though. He's been a remarkable friend, and I don't know what his politics are, but just a really good guy.

    So that's part of the fun of running for president. You get to meet some of these extraordinarily famous people, see how tall they are, see what they're like in real life. I've met you, for instance. We spent time together. That's a lot of fun.

    HANNITY: Well, you know what? It just shows another side. I'm with you, though. I'm a big Leno fan. I wish he wasn't leaving late night, although, you know, Fallon's really good. I just -- I like Leno the best. He was my favorite, so.

    Governor, I wish you were giving that speech tomorrow night. But I'm going to be there and I'll suffer through it and report on it on Wednesday night. Thanks so much for being back with us. And hopefully, we'll see you soon.

    ROMNEY: Thanks so much. Great to be with you.

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