• HANNITY: ... of the Constitution?

    KOHN: Look, you want to know...

    HANNITY: Deneen...

    KOHN: ... who doesn't agree with this? Republicans don't like the strategy.

    DENEEN BORELLI, FOX CONTRIBUTOR: The bigger picture here is what we have to remember is that Obama wants to fundamentally transform America. And one way for him to do so, which are his words, thank you, is to control our health insurance system.


    BORELLI: And when you're looking -- can I finish? I didn't interrupt you. And so for him to fundamentally transform our country, controlling individuals, controlling Americans -- this isn't about choice and individualism. It's about taking over, in my opinion, of what's going on in our country. And it's absolutely outrageous!

    GUY BENSON, FOX CONTRIBUTOR: Could we just point out that at least 99 percent of the people who have tried to sign up for this thing have been unable to do so because of its own failure?

    Going back to your point, $600 million and three-and-a-half years later, they can't get a functioning Web site up. And now they want to run our health care. I think that that raises some red flags. Regardless of what you think about the law itself, the incompetence in the rollout is astonishing!

    HANNITY: You know why the Republicans ought to stand firm? Because the average cost for the average family -- and we're going to have examples for all of you at home tonight. You're going to hear real-life examples of people that are going to suffer under this law. Premiums are up, they're not down as promised. Companies are laying off. They're lowering the work hours so people get below the 30-hour threshold. A lot of impact to this law.


    HANNITY: And we're going to -- and we're going to talk to business leaders and people that are impacted by this.

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