• With: Michelle Fields, Mark Hannah

    HANNAH: Yes. I agree with that.

    HANNITY: Don't they deserve --

    HANNAH: They deserve not getting schools divested from.

    FIELDS: So throw more money at them? Basically unions because that's where the money's going.

    HANNAH: The thing Matt Damon said that I think was really smart is that teachers want to teach. Nobody is there to get rich. We all know teachers that we grew up with --

    FIELDS: And they are all with people who are bad apples.

    HANNITY: There are great teachers and there are lazy teachers, horrible teachers.

    FIELDS: And the union teachers are unfortunately protecting the bad teachers.

    HANNAH: But the Republican point is that most teachers-- takes a perspective that teachers are default bad.

    FIELDS: No one is saying that.

    HANNAH: They're lazy, as you say.

    HANNITY: We got to go.

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