• With: Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis.

    RYAN: We think it goes with the border. We think it's the best way to secure the border is to have this workable legal immigration system alongside it. And by the away, we don't trust the executive branch, we want Congress to verify this.

    HANNITY: I'm concerned that -- is there going to be a conservative revolt and a divide in the Republican Party? Are you at all worried about that?

    RYAN: Of course I'm worried about that. But I want to get it right. I want it to work. I want to make sure that we're not in the same problem 10 years from now. I want immigration that's good for our economy, I want an immigration system that protects our National Security.

    HANNITY: All right. Congressman, we'll take the temperature of everybody. We have a very lively audience here. But we do appreciate you taking the time to be with us. Thank you.

    RYAN: My pleasure, Sean. Take care.

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