• With: Dave Silverman

    HANNITY: And what have you done against the Muslims?

    SILVERMAN: We put up a billboard in Elizabeth, New Jersey, that said, "You know it's a myth" in Arabic, and we put up a billboard in Brooklyn that said, "You know it's a myth" in Hebrew.

    HANNITY: What was the reaction?

    SILVERMAN: Actually, the Islamic billboard, the Islamic people were actually all about, well, this is a free country and you can say what you want. And some people agreed, and some people disagreed.

    HANNITY: Look at the reaction to the Danish cartoons or look at the reaction to this YouTube video or Salmon Rushdie and "The Satanic Verses"...


    HANNITY: ... some very...

    SILVERMAN: But you know what is? That's actually a form of terrorism. That's actually a form of them getting us to obey their religious beliefs without imposing the rule of law on it. They scare us into obeying their religious beliefs. It's against their religion --


    HANNITY: I don't really care what you believe. I get it. You're an atheist. I'm not going to sit here and convince you. You believe nothing can come out of nothing, which is what I believe atheists, in the end, have to believe. But that's -- that's not the argument.

    You want to insult people. You want to attack them. You want to, you know, stick it in the ribs on their holiday. And you just want to be rude and narcissistic and mean. Why?

    SILVERMAN: Sean, we have never put up a billboard criticizing people. We criticize religion, and religion is perfectly open market --

    HANNITY: But people believe in religion! I'm a Christian. I look at a -- I look at a picture of Jesus, and you wanted to -- you just want to rub salt in a wound!


    HANNITY: Why are you doing it, then?

    SILVERMAN: Because this is the time of year when so many atheists who call themselves Christians drag themselves to church against their own will because they think the church...

    HANNITY: Atheists who call themselves Christians? You don't know...

    SILVERMAN: Atheists who call themselves Christians.

    HANNITY: You said that -- you said...


    SILVERMAN: Well, let me explain what I'm saying here, OK? They drag themselves to church because they think the church is an integral part of Christmas. And it's not. We're saying, for those people, you can keep the merry, you can have a party, you don't have to go to a church in which you don't believe. You don't have to pray to a God in which you don't believe.

    HANNITY: Excuse me!

    SILVERMAN: And you don't have to or donate money.

    HANNITY: Excuse me! Nobody's telling -- nobody's forcing to you go to a Christian church, a Catholic church, a synagogue or a mosque.

    SILVERMAN: Oh, I disagree.

    HANNITY: Wait a minute! Nobody -- well, if that's -- if they're allowing people to force them to go, that's their problem.

    SILVERMAN: Well, and we're telling them not to.


    HANNITY: That's their problem.

    SILVERMAN: Don't allow people to force to you go to church...


    HANNITY: ... you said, we know that a large population of Christians are actually atheists...


    HANNITY: Who -- if they are really atheists and they don't have the courage of their convictions -- I mean, you're an atheist. You come on this program and say you're an atheist.

    SILVERMAN: Right.

    HANNITY: All right, what am I -- so?

    SILVERMAN: There's a lot of familial and social pressure that keeps atheists in the closet. And we at American Atheists are trying to relieve that pressure.

    HANNITY: Nobody's -- no -- you are too full of yourself to believe that people care!

    SILVERMAN: No, they care very much.

    HANNITY: I don't really care.