• With: Charles Woods, father of fallen Navy SEAL Ty Woods

    CHARLES WOODS: OK, we're not political. I did not vote for either candidate last time. To be political would be --

    HANNITY: I'm not trying to be political.

    CHARLES WOODS: But to be political would be dishonoring to my son's life and death. However, I'm here to honor my son. Part of the process of honoring is to forgive, but part of the other process is to truth and to make sure that justice is pursued. I hope that it is because justice has to be paid for the benefit of everyone.

    HANNITY: Thank you for being here. You're all in our thoughts and prayers.

    CHARLES WOODS: You're a gentlemen, I would like to share one thing. I'm surrounded by heroes. We have a hero. Before the show, Sean, mentioned that he donates his time to go out and do concerts and give scholarships for children whose parents have died in action.

    I said Ty, Jr., Ty's son, just graduated from high school. He needs to go to college. This hero right here.


    Just a second, just a second. He lifted up his phone and said one word, done. Jeremiah just called Ty, Jr.

    And told him guess what, you can go to college now, you got a scholarship, and Ty said sorry, Ty, Jr. said sorry, you're a week too late. I just signed up for the Navy for four years.

    I am walking in my father's steps. Now Ty, he had empty shoes that need to be filled. His son, Ty, Jr., is filling those shoes. I want Ty to be a role model for others that they will walk in his shoes, that other Americans will become American heroes, too. Thank you.

    JEREMIAH WOODS: One more thing I could add along with that. Before Ty left for his last tour, one of the last people to talk to him, he asked Ty about some, you know why are you going, and Ty he had already served 20 years in the field.

    He had already been involved to point where he had a pension, and he was financially doing well. He had a wife, a newborn child, and then he asked him why are you going?

    Why are you doing something so risky right now with what you have, and what he said was America needs people to serve, and if I don't go, who will? I don't know. It's good to see the support for people who are filling their shoes because they're very definitely big ones.

    HANNITY: Your son and your family are in our prayers. Thanks for being with us.

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