• With: Juan Williams, author, 'Muzzled'

    WILLIAMS: What we are talking about here is trying to work with people. Why don't you stand up and say you know what, Republicans, you know what Tea Party members, we won, we pushed this.

    You think he is a liberal far left president, right, this liberal far left president is willing to engage in entitlement cuts, spending cuts and -- what's it about for tax hikes? No tax hikes, that is what you are getting from the Democrats.

    HANNITY: In two and a half years we've had an 84 percent increase in discretionary spending under the most fiscally irresponsible, reckless, ideolog that's ever been on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    WILLIAMS: You are so myopic. And I can't believe --

    HANNITY: I am so honest. I tell the truth.

    WILLIAMS: You are not honest with this.

    HANNITY: I'm honest with Obama. He has been a disaster for this country and the economy.

    WILLIAMS: You know what is a disaster for this country? That charade going on Capitol Hill tonight.

    HANNITY: At least they have some courage, some plan!

    WILLIAMS: Let me tell you something. This is like a bunch of kids out in the woods playing with each other and you say kids come in it's time to do serious business, let the adults take charge and President Obama has shown leadership that you refuse to acknowledge, Sean.

    HANNITY: I have a headache. More with our Great American Panel. Thank you, Juan.

    WILLIAMS: You're welcome.

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