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    SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Welcome to 'Hannity.'

    Here I am in the "Imus in the Morning" studio here at the Fox Business Network and I am joined by the one and only Don Imus, as well as his longtime his newsman and friend, Charles McCord. We're going to be hitting on all the hot button issues of the day, including health care, that debate, the KSM trial, and Imus' love for Barack Obama.


    DON IMUS, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: No, no, we're not. I'm turning on him just like everybody else.

    HANNITY: Well, it took you a little bit long — you thought I was crazy for a long period of time.

    IMUS: No, I didn't. I just — no, I thought you were a hater. That's all.


    First of all, thank you for having us on.

    HANNITY: It's great.

    IMUS: It's a big deal for Charles.

    CHARLES MCCORD, IMUS' NEWSMAN: Huge. Because I'm a huge 'Hannity' — I've been Hannitized.

    IMUS: It's so phony.

    MCCORD: No, it's not phony.

    IMUS: I know you're a fan.

    MCCORD: I'm a big fan of Sean Hannity.

    IMUS: I understand that. But I mean, the shaking hands stuff, and he's been here for half an hour.

    MCCORD: He put his hand forward, you think I'm going to reject that and not be the gentleman that Sean Hannity is? No.

    IMUS: Probably not. Don't start.

    MCCORD: No, don't you start.