• PERINO: It's a silly, ridiculous magazine at this point.

    HANNITY: Well, we're all socialist now, Dana. Come on, remember the cover.

    PERINO: It's silly.

    VARNEY: But has all this media coverage created an electricity around her? You've been close to Sarah Palin. There is a buzz around her.

    HANNITY: I have been to many political events. But I have never seen the reaction to any one candidate — and maybe Obama is right there on the Democratic side — to any Republican or conservative than the reaction to Governor Palin.

    VARNEY: She should be.

    PERINO: I was outside the beltway and outside of Manhattan this week, in Colorado, Wyoming and Texas. And the words I heard most often used to describe her were I can trust her and I can relate to her. That doesn't mean that everybody thinks that she could be president of the United States, or that she should run for the presidency. But that as a governor she had accomplished a lot and that they identify with her.

    HANNITY: I think Dana and Stuart would be a really good ticket.

    PERINO: For what?

    VARNEY: I wasn't born in the United States of America.


    PERINO: A ticket to the prom maybe.


    VARNEY: I'm flattered.

    HANNITY: Is that right? You just made Stuart's year.

    VARNEY: She surely did.

    HANNITY: Interesting, so what's the net result of this? Is there going to be a backlash?

    VARNEY: It could be. It could well be. Yes.

    PERINO: Against what? Against Newsweek?

    HANNITY: You know, a backlash.