• Here We Go Again: This Time, OWS Posts Video of Powder Attack On Geraldo

      Occupy Wall Street protestors are at odds today after some broke ranks with last week's combative crowd and defended Geraldo. Here's how it all went down yesterday, during the taping of his Fox News show, Geraldo At Large down at Zuccotti Square in NYC.

      Watch this video and pay close attention to the right of your screen. Notice the man in the striped rainbow knit hat. Now watch as he raises his arm way above the crowd and randomly dumps a bag of powdered strawberry drink mix onto Geraldo! Strawberry drink mix! Really?!?

      And, as if that weren't enough, in another version of the video, released by Glenn Beck's The Blaze you can hear someone in the crowd allege that Mr. "Strawberry Bandit" is a Fox News "plant". A plant!

      Now watch this video for the piece de resistence! Although Beck's Blaze does show one guy chanting "Fox liar...Set your ass on fire!", it also shows the protestors rallying in defense of Geraldo! even shouting "Who did that? Get him out of here. We don't do *hit like that!" Oh Mr. Beck, I bet you didn't see that one coming!