• OWS Edits Video: Wants You To Believe They Chased Off Geraldo

      Geraldo talks to Occupy Wall Street protestors at NYC's Zuccatti parkThere is an ugly vicious rumor being circulated on the social networks by OWS. They are alleging that Geraldo was forced to abort his broadcast on Sunday, October 9th, due to Occupy Wall Street protestors chanting "Fox News Lies", during the taping of the show. NOT SO. Here are the facts:

      OWS protestors started chanting "Fox News Lies" during our interview with Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornell West, which began 45 minutes into our hour long program. Their chants did not send us packing. In fact, through the crowd's chanting, we completed the remaining 2 topics and 5 interviews. Then, 12 minutes later, having covered all the topics planned and interviewed all the guests invited on the program, coming back on camera from an edited piece on the similarities between Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox, Geraldo delivered this wrap to close the show:

      "Before I say goodnight, I want to end with a couple of statements here about what's happening in Zuccotti park. The crowd is easy to mock. They are disorganized. They look funny. Some, like the person putting the paper in front of the lens are aggressive. But they have a real, legitimate complaint deep down and it is a message that I think will resonate eventually as people listen up. Thank you for being with us. We'll see you next time."

      At that point, Geraldo and crew called it a day. Geraldo posed for pictures and then exited the scene.

      An organization named RT- will have you believe that the video they've posted to YouTube is an accurate depiction of the afternoon's events. The truth is, their video is edited to show only the crowd chanting and Geraldo's exit and it is an insult to the intelligence of everyone watching. If the OWS movement is about telling the truth, then why not start here?

      Posted by Geraldo At Large