• Tweetin' On The Middle East

      Some surprise guests showed up to Geraldo's interview of Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barack

      By Geraldo Rivera

      Interviewed Defense Minister Ehud Barak fmr Israeli PM tonite-he says criticism of Prez Obama re Mid-East=Unfair! Can't agree more-Pols&lobbyists cry havoc when anyone says just maybe 2 sides to story

      Too many are Israel Right or Wrongers-I too would die for Israel but stirring up self serving gutless Congress/candidates will not lead to Mideast peace

      Being pro-Israel in DC takes same courage as being pro tax cuts or anti crime-Zero-At some pt brave souls will stand&say Compromise!

      Maybe independent Palestine will twist sovereignty into Terror-At least they won't say not given a chance to govern themselves responsibly

      USA policy will change when American Jews are as open-minded as Israeli Jews or when J-Street breaks DC monopoly

      Covered Mideast since 1972-still stuck same place. Where is today's Rabin? Oslo? Clinton/Bush/Obama plan for 2 state solution?

      How long do we stall re Mideast peace? How long payoff Palestinian pols to accept status quo? What would you do if occupied 44 yrs?

      ObamaPerryRomney should visit TelAvivJerusalemRamallah &walk in shoes of Israeli&Palestinians before yapping opportunistic talking pts

      Candidate/lobbyists who partisan/politicize Mideast peace talks gain short term but imperil that which they say they seek to protect

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