• Why Is The Florida Bar Investigating Jose Baez?

      Did Jose Baez cross the line, or is this a witch hunt because he won an acquittal for Casey Anthony, the woman many call the most hated person in America? We may never know. The best we can do is to examine the facts and hope that all parties iwill be able to set their feelings aside and let the law be their guide.

      Here are the facts of his case for review according to the story by the Orlando Sentinel. We report. You decide:

      Casey Anthony Attorney Jose Baez

      At issue: Casey Anthony pleaded guilty to 13 charges in a check fraud case in January 2010. Judge Stan Strickland sentenced her to time-served in jail, and a year of probation after her jail release.

      But last month, when Anthony was acquitted of murder and released from the Orange County Jail, she wasn't put on probation. The Department of Corrections said Anthony served that probation in jail while she was awaiting the murder trial.

      Soon after she was released, Judge Strickland amended his original order clarifying his intentions, which were clear in video and transcripts from the January 2010 sentencing.

      Anthony's defense team objected and Judge Perry heard arguments from attorneys earlier this month. Perry asked the defense team if they knew Anthony was serving her probation while she was in jail. One of Anthony's attorneys said they did, but didn't think it was their burden to notify the court.

      A spokeswoman with the Bar Association said that no other information about the investigation into Baez was public.

      It's unclear whether the Bar initiated the inquiry on its own, or if someone filed a complaint against Baez. The lawyer has been the target of several other Bar inquiries since taking on Anthony's case in the summer of 2008. Anthony was acquitted last month on charges of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Marie.

      *In September 2009, the Bar cleared Baez of an ethical complaint accusing him of getting paid inappropriately in the case.

      *That same month, the Bar cleared Baez of ethics allegations made by private investigator Dominic Casey, who claimed Baez never paid him. He also said the attorney told him to walk away from Caylee's remains if he ever found them and contact Baez. Both complaints were dismissed based on insufficient evidence.

      *Strickland wrote the Bar about the Dominic Casey incident, also resulting in no formal action against Baez.

      *The Bar initiated its own investigation into Jose Baez after the state Attorney's office faxed news releases that seemed to be generated on his behalf by his former spokesman that were critical of State Attorney Lawson Lamar. The Bar found no disciplinary proceedings against Baez were appropriate.

      *The Bar confirmed a separate complaint against Baez in early February. Specific details about that complaint have not been released.

      So what say you?