• Baez: "Casey Anthony Isn't Going Back To Orange County; Strickland Probation Is Double Jeopardy"

      Already labeled in court papers "a self-aggrandizing media whore," I mean "media hound", Florida Circuit Court judge Stan Strickland has further debased himself by signing a patently invalid and unconstitutional order requiring Casey Anthony to serve another year of probation on her 2010 check fraud conviction. After shameful pandering to the press got him recused from the Casey Anthony death penalty child murder trial, the ousted judge has found an outlet for his longing for publicity-lost. Having watched in envy as Judge Belvin Perry Jr. presided over the made-for-television sensation, with barely disguised spite, Strickland seeks now to reclaim his fifteen minutes of fame by dragging Casey Anthony back to Orlando Florida to re-serve prison time she has already done. "It's double jeopardy, she already served the probation," a frustrated and simmering Jose Baez told me Monday.

      "Plus, he has no jurisdiction (under Florida law) after 60 days. And finally, I don't think it is proper once being recused that he can do a single thing on any of her cases. We are filing motions tomorrow."

      Baez is right, again. When Anthony pleaded guilty to stealing Amy Huizenga's checkbook and writing about $650 worth of checks, she appeared before Strickland and received a year's worth of supervised probation for the crime.

      It was Strickland who imposed the sentence and Strickland who agreed that it was, as the clerk of the court duly recorded, to run concurrent with the time she was serving in solitary confinement, with no bail, on her capital murder charges.

      Not even the posse of billboard lawyers and pundits who exaggerated the prosecution evidence and ignored and belittled that of the defense in the capital murder case can fall for the Strickland ploy that the clerk must have misunderstood him. Misunderstood him? In the most closely watched criminal proceedings in recent Florida history? Don't think so.

      This angry judge is shaking the trees in Orange County hoping he'll get some favorable press from attempting to re-punish the nation's most unpopular woman.

      It is still double jeopardy, even for her. It is unconstitutional to have Casey Anthony serve another day in jail for time she has already done. Let it go Orange County. She is not coming back. -Geraldo