• I Want Justice For Caylee Too

      By Geraldo Rivera

      As the loving father of five children, the suggestion that people like me care less about little Caylee Marie than those who think her mom got away with murder, is false and disgusting. And for right-wing commentator Bernie Goldberg to state that my feelings about the weakness of the prosecution evidence would be different if the victim was a Mexican immigrant is a lying low blow.

      (watch that interview below)

      The State had no cause of death, manner or place of death, no murder weapon, no DNA, and no fingerprints. The elected DA sought permission to kill this woman for allegedly killing her baby. By escalating the courtroom saga to biblical, eye-for-an-eye proportions, raised the stakes to a burden he had no chance of meeting.

      Once the jury began focusing on the evidence instead of the character attacks, the only felony count they had a chance of convicting on was Obstruction of Justice. Seeking blood retribution it was a count they never charged.