• Geraldo on Casey Anthony & The Child Murder Trial of the Century

      Geraldo is in Orlando awaiting jury deliberations. These are his impressions of how the child murder trial of Casey Marie Anthony will end:

      "The city of Orlando is in a state of suspended animation as this central Florida community awaits the dramatic conclusion of the child murder trial of the century.

      The Casey Anthony jury spent six hours on July 4th absorbing the evidence and deliberating the fate of the accused 25-year old mom whose stoic, pinched, severe but still pretty face is well known now across the planet.

      The fact the first day went by without a verdict is good news for the defense as far as it goes. At least the 12 jurors didn't laugh off their case without any deliberation. If they're still at it through today too, then it will be reasonable to assume they are arguing over what level of homicide they're willing to agree she's guilty of. Hopefully it will not be capital murder. She never should have been charged with that ultimate crime.

      Casey Anthony is not a serial killer, like the only two females executed in Florida's 150 year history. She is an aberrant selfish restless ok slutty b**** (rhymes with witch) who may have killed her child so she could be free. Between 3 to 5 American children a day are killed by their parents; around a thousand a year. Women's prisons are filled with them doing 25 or 30 years. With their youth forfeited, they're generally released deep in middle age.

      That is the appropriate sentence here: Aggravated Manslaughter. 30 years behind bars. Anything more is retribution not justice." -Geraldo Rivera, on scene in Orlando on jury watch

      Casey Anthony