Sitting in the big courtroom on the 23rd floor of the Orange County Court just a few feet from the most reviled woman in America is fascinating. At the moment the court is in brief recess. The accused child killer Casey Anthony is sitting alone, staring off into the distance, her eyebrows occasionally rising as if she is in some private conversation with herself.

      She looks smaller, paler, and more stressed in person than on the court camera. Deep shadows now hang from eyes red from tears.

      Is she crying for lost Caylee or for herself as she faces the possibility of a death sentence?

      Looking intently at this otherwise unremarkable young woman sitting so close I remember how she has never admitted to having done anything harmful to her precious daughter; whether by her own hand or by accidental drowning. Telling one tall tale after another she never once told anybody, "I sorry but I did it...I'm sorry she drowned...I'm just sorry."

      On the way into the courtroom I also ran into Casey's brother Lee sitting on the couch outside waiting to testify.

      I approached him with my hand extended. He seemed to hesitate before finally taking it. I apologized for what he and his family are going through, thinking even as I did about his flamboyant tears on the witness stand earlier when talking about how he felt "left out" not being told of Casey's pregnancy.

      Reported by Geraldo from inside the courtroom.

      Casey Anthony