• Geraldo: Back In Iraq With U.S. Soldiers On The Journey Home

      Geraldo stands by vehicle as they make their way towards the Iraqi border

      Being back here with the last of our troops exiting Iraq reminds me that the courage and skill shown by our GI's in this long and bitter conflict was incomparable.

      Tasked by our government to invade this ancient and angry land, they made short shrift of Saddam Hussein's army... continue reading »

    • Geraldo Doodles To Feed The Poor

      Hello, CT here. Ever wonder what Geraldo does when he isn't hosting or chasing down leads on that next big story? He's doing all he can to help his fellow man or woman...whether they've suffered a financial set back or had some other hardship, Geraldo does all he can, all year round.


      St. Francis Food Pantries' Celebrity Art Auction "Doodle For Hunger XII"... continue reading »

    • Here We Go Again: This Time, OWS Posts Video of Powder Attack On Geraldo

      Occupy Wall Street protestors are at odds today after some broke ranks with last week's combative crowd and defended Geraldo. Here's how it all went down yesterday, during the taping of his Fox News show, Geraldo At Large down at Zuccotti Square in NYC.

      Watch this video and pay close attention to the right of your screen. Notice the man in the striped rainbow knit hat. Now watch as he raises his arm way above the crowd and randomly dumps a bag of powdered strawberry drink mix onto Geraldo! Strawberry drink mix! Really?!?

      ... continue reading »

    • OWS Edits Video: Wants You To Believe They Chased Off Geraldo

      Geraldo talks to Occupy Wall Street protestors at NYC's Zuccatti parkThere is an ugly vicious rumor being circulated on the social networks by OWS. They are alleging that Geraldo was forced to abort his broadcast on Sunday, October 9th, due to Occupy Wall Street protestors chanting "Fox News Lies", during the taping of the show. NOT SO. Here are the facts:... continue reading »

    • Tweetin' On The Middle East

      Some surprise guests showed up to Geraldo's interview of Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barack

      By Geraldo Rivera

      Interviewed Defense Minister Ehud Barak fmr Israeli PM tonite-he says criticism of Prez Obama re Mid-East=Unfair! Can't agree more-Pols&lobbyists cry havoc when anyone says just maybe 2 sides to story... continue reading »

    • Puerto Rico's Broken Police Department: Should The DOJ Investigate?

      By Geraldo Rivera

      Like the LAPD after Rodney King or the Pittsburgh PD following alleged civil rights abuses in the 80's and 90's, PR's police force is now under federal investigation. Though police powers are reserved to the several states, the federal government has the power to investigate constitutional violations like excessive, unlawful searches and seizures, and excessive force (1st and 4th amendments). ... continue reading »

    • Are We Any Safer?

      We're far safer now than we were 10 years ago. The Bin Laden raid made that so clear. That was a C.I.A. run operation. We have much more coordination than we ever did. Intelligence. Military. Law enforcement. New York is a very tough nut to crack. I believe that what happened with Najibullah Zazi is the clear example. They got the intelligence from Pakistan. He came to Denver for a subway attack... continue reading »

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