• With: Judy Miller, Monica Crowley, Jim Pinkerton, Richard Grenell

    SCOTT: So is he back? Is he back?

    GRENELL: Yeah, I got -- I got to tell you, I think he is. This is the first step for Mark to win back the trust of the voters. He messed up, and he's a good guy. And I think he will work very hard to try to win back the trust. Whether or not he can do it, it is up to the voters.

    PINKERTON: Hats off to Erick Erickson and a few others on the right who said all along, if he runs against Nancy Pelosi, he'll win. And they were right.

    SCOTT: All right. Next on "News Watch," how a tragic event helped advance news reporting coming up.


    SCOTT: 76 years ago, a tragedy gave way to a revolution in news coverage.


    HERBERT MORRISON: (inaudible), they (inaudible), to keep it from -- it burst into flames. (inaudible). Oh my, get out of the way, please. It's bursting into flames and it's (inaudible). This is terrible, this is one of the worst catastrophes in the world. (inaudible). Oh, poor 500 (inaudible) into the sky. It's a terrific blaze (ph), ladies and gentlemen. The smoke and the flames now, and the (inaudible). Not quite (inaudible). Oh the humanity.


    SCOTT: Radio announcer Herbert Morrison's historic narration edited to news reel footage of the Hindenburg disaster. His coverage was not live, but recorded and played back the next day. It was the first time recordings of a news event were ever broadcast, and also the first coast to coast radio broadcast. Morrison's quick, professional response and accurate description, along with his raw emotion, made the recordings a classic of audio history. And we could all learn something from his work.

    That's a wrap on "News Watch" for this week. Thanks to Judy Miller, Jim Pinkerton, Monica Crowley, Kirsten Powers and Rick Grenell. I'm Jon Scott. Thanks for joining us today. Keep it here on the Fox News Channel. We'll see you again next week for another edition of "Fox News Watch."

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