• With: Judy Miller, Cal Thomas, Jim Pinkerton, Ellen Ratner

    SCOTT: Moving on, seven Marines were killed during live fire training at the Hawthorne Army Depot in Nevada on Tuesday. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada's senator talked about the tragedy saying he will do whatever he can going forward to support the United States military and the families of the fallen Marines. And then he followed with this.


    SENATE MAJORITY LEADER HARRY REID, D-NEVADA: It's very important we continue training our military, it's so important. But one of the things in sequester, is we cut back in training and maintenance.


    SCOTT: His comments went pretty much unnoticed by the mainstream media that day. Cal, blaming the deaths of seven Marines on sequester?

    THOMAS: All you have to do, Jon, is say if a Republican had done this, if a Rand Paul, if a Marco Rubio, the media would have been all over them. Instead, we have a CNN reporter chasing Michele Bachmann down through the bowels of the Capitol, wanting to have evidence of some stupid comment that was made when they're not chasing down Harry Reid and asking him about that. It's an unbelievable double standard.

    SCOTT: Should they, Ellen?

    RATNER: Yes. And, you know, again, you're hearing this from the liberal side. Listen, now sequester has and will probably cause some real pain. I don't agree with some of the things like ending White House tours and all that stuff. But to blame the killing of the Marines when this was apparently a trained exercise that have been planned pre-sequester? Come on.

    SCOTT: Is there anything unfair about what the senator had to say there?

    MILLER: I think of course, it's unfair and it is utterly predictable. I mean there is a double standard and we see it again and again.

    PINKERTON: One point. I mean I agree with what Ellen said and Judy and - Michele Bachmann's comments at CPAC last weekend were based on a book, written by Robert Keith Gray who served in the Eisenhower White House as (INAUDIBLE), and so she was quoting - the things she was quoting were from a book. She had a source, maybe some would disagree with the source, but the source is certainly an expert on White House life styles.

    THOMAS: Yeah, but the point was that CNN spent all this time chasing her and didn't do anything with Harry Reid, that was the point I was trying to make.

    SCOTT: All right, next on "News Watch", a new book about our Fox boss gets some media reaction.



    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Now to one of the most powerful media moguls on the planet. Roger Ailes, the mastermind, of course, behind Fox News and regardless of where you stand on politics, he has got an incredible story and he is sharing it in his brand new biography, "Roger Ailes Off Camera."


    SCOTT: Just out this week, and getting lots of media attention, the new book about Fox News chief Roger Ailes, a biography written by Zev Chafets, a few of the quotes getting some special attention like this about Barack Obama. "How many fund-raisers does he attend every week? How often does he play basketball and golf? I wish I had that kind of time. He is lazy, but the media won't report that. He noticed my arched eyebrows and added, I didn't come up with that, Obama said that to Barbara Walters. Well, CNN anchors told about O'Brien embarrassed herself and her network by trying to spin that as a racist comment, ignorant of the fact that those words were echoing the president's own words about himself. Many in the liberal media including New York Times reacted as expected, but as the author points out the liberal media not so liberal when it comes to accepting other points of view.


    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Why is it that the cultural left, just, you know, he drives them crazy.

    ZEV CHAFETS, AUTHOR OF "ROGER AILES: OFF CAMERA: Well, I don't know. I think I'm a member of the cultural left. And he doesn't drive me crazy. I think it's more a question of how much tolerance people have for other people's point of view. And Roger is so direct and he can be at time so abrasive and at times I think he is - I'm sure, he's intentionally abrasive. He likes to pull people's chain.


    CHAFETS: He's not - he told me a couple of times that I'm not a puncher, but I'm a counter-puncher. And that's certainly the way he sees himself, as being under assault by the cultural elite. And so, when people fight back, they are controversial and Roger is a tough fighter.


    SCOTT: But he did build Fox News channel into number one. Tough being on top. Everyone's always aiming at you trying to bring you down.

    That is a wrap on "Fox News Watch" for this week, thanks to Judy Miller, Jim Pinkerton, Cal Thomas and Ellen Ratner. I'm Jon Scott. Thanks for joining us. Keep it here on Fox News channel. We'll see another - see you back next week for another edition of "Fox News Watch."

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