• With: Judy Miller, Jim Pinkerton, Cal Thomas, Ellen Ratner

    RATNER: I understand that.

    MILLER: If we withdrew every American from Saudi Arabia tomorrow, do you really think, Ellen, that Al Qaeda would stop targeting us?

    RATNER: I don't know, but I think to keep something like that secret in the press, a base -- we're not talking about one operation -- we're talking about a base -- is wrong.

    SCOTT: All right. Next on "News Watch," new tactics in America's gun debate.


    UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The president takes his show on the road. A crusade for gun control. Are his personal appearances persuading the people? Is he persuading the press? That is next on "News Watch."




    TED NUGENT, MUSICIAN: I think you care about guns. I think you are obsessed with guns. 99.9 percent of the gun owners of America are wonderful people that you are hanging around with here today. Perfectly safe, perfectly harmless, wonderful, loving, giving, generous, caring people. Would you leave us the hell alone? Go after the nut jobs. Go after the murderers, because I don't know any. We need to lock up the bad guys. And when people show dangerous murderous intent, which every one of these mass murderers showed. All their neighbors, their family, their teachers, their fellow students, they all knew they were crazy, but Piers, we didn't stop them, because we were worried about hurting their feelings.


    SCOTT: That is rocker and gun owner Ted Nugent, giving CNN's Piers Morgan what's what on gun control. The CNN host was taking the lead in a lot of biased covering of the gun debate in this country. So what about what he had to say? Is that point of view represented in the mainstream media?

    THOMAS: Well, no, not that much, except when Piers Morgan goes out and tries to find somebody that he considers extreme and a wacko and puts him on, and then denounces him later. But we had our kind of whackos in Washington this week. The anti-gun crowd held a news conference, and two of their featured speakers were Chris Rock, the comedian, and Tony Bennett, who had a new wig, apparently. Now Chris Rock--


    THOMAS: Chris Rock said that the Obamas are kind of like our mom and dad out there, and he is the boss of the country and so we better do what he says. But my favorite line was from Tony Bennett, who dredged up Hitler in Nazi Germany and said that the nations could come to judge us if we don't start controlling guns. Well, Tony may have left his heart in San Francisco, but he left his brain someplace else.

    SCOTT: Do you suppose Chris Rock was suggesting the people should obey George and Laura Bush because they were the mom and dad?

    THOMAS: Oh, no, we ran a video I think on this network showing how he dropped the F-bomb on Bush and said he was the worst president he ever had.

    SCOTT: That Ted Nugent interview, Jim, was done on the same day that President Obama took his show on the road, pushing for more gun control. Are the White House and the media seeing this issue in exactly the same way?

    PINKERTON: Well, I think for the most part, yes. As Jeffrey Dickens and the Media Research Center pointed out, the network coverage of this issue is more than 8 to 1 biased in favor of the gun control position. I think the president has an easy sell, at least with the mainstream media.

    SCOTT: Now, the president, Judy, says he -- he handles weapons from time to time, and in fact they released a photo this week of the president shooting skeet at Camp David. Now, immediately afterwards, David Plouffe, the presidential adviser, sent this tweet -- "attention skeet birthers, make our day. Let the Photoshop conspiracies begin." And in fact, there were a lot of questions about the accuracy of that photo. But is the press convinced?

    MILLER: No, the press -- some in the press are never going to be convinced, but some in the press still are not convinced about President Obama's birthplace either. And those people, I really don't have a lot of time from.

    I do think that David Frum had a point when he said that the president could disembowel a deer on network television and some people would still not believe that he had ever shot anything. So, people have their minds made up. They hear what they want to hear on this issue. It's true, Jim, I agree with you, the press is biased, because I think they do reflect the American people, who in this instance want something done about gun restrictions.

    THOMAS: A quick point about that picture. Anybody that knows anything about skeet shooting, you know that the little disk there is launched from a machine, and most skeet shooters follow the ark with their gun. He's shooting it straight ahead. He must have been shooting the guy operating the machinery.


    MILLER: Maybe he was aiming at the cameraman.


    RATNER: But you know, I object. Jean Williams at the Examiner calls it skeet gate. I mean, why does everything have to have a gate after it? And that is as biased as anything else.

    SCOTT: Well, that was the media's name for it, and that became a media creation.


    PINKERTON: In the defense of the people who are curious about this, it's not that anybody doubts -- at least nobody that I know -- that he actually fired a gun that one time. As he said in the interview, we shoot skeet all the time. As in this is something that happens every weekend. It was news to everybody, including Jay Carney.

    SCOTT: The Media Research Center added up the numbers. They say that ABC, CBS and NBC slanted their coverage in favor of the president's gun control agenda, 8 to 1. Judy, do you have any reason to dispute that?

    MILLER: I don't think that's not right.

    SCOTT: I don't think that's accurate?

    MILLER: I think it probably is accurate, because I think there is a consensus that is developed in this country that we need to do something. Whether or not the president's proposals are what we should be doing is a separate issue.

    PINKERTON: Question. Consensus in New York and D.C. newsrooms. That's the consensus.

    SCOTT: Next on "News Watch," New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gets bullied by the media over his weight.


    DAVID LETTERMAN, TALK SHOW HOST: Now, how is your health? If you went to a doctor today, what would the doctor say?

    UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: David Letterman grilled Chris Christie on his health. Was the questioning all in fun, or part of a liberal media agenda to defame the GOP prospect?

    Answers next, on "News Watch."