• With: Judy Miller, Richard Grenell, Jim Pinkerton, Kirsten Powers


    SCOTT: It is the event no reporter wants to cover. No vocabulary is big enough, no word carries the power to convey what we all saw and heard and felt in Newtown, Connecticut.

    Depraved, monstrous, inhuman, words that describe but cannot capture it all. Early word was that two teachers and maybe two students had been hospitalized. We thought, we hoped that was the worst of it.

    Within two hours, though, more details emerged, and I felt the same sick feeling I had while on the air during the 9/11 attacks. This was something so heinous, so horrible, it would alter the nation's course.

    There has been plenty of blame heaped upon the messenger. Reporting, especially in the early hours, was flat out wrong. Some of it, like the incorrect age and ID of the gunman, based on information from police. Some of it from sources far less reliable. We clamor for information to pass on, even if we really don't want to know it.

    As a father who sent four kids off to first grade not that long ago, I can't imagine the grief of those whose children aren't coming home, or the families of teachers who died trying to protect the kids in their care.

    We in the media have taken plenty of heat for the coverage of Newtown, for the scenes of that picturesque village now overrun with reporters and roaring trappings of our trade. Some of that anger is deserved, some of it misdirected. Because the man responsible for so much misery, the one who slaughtered so many innocents for no reason at all, is no longer here. We can't say to him what we want to say or do what we want to do, so we blame the messenger.

    As journalists, we will try to cover this tragedy in a way that is respectful and honors the lives lost. Just know, our hearts are broken too.

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