• With: Judy Miller, Alan Colmes, Jim Pinkerton, Richard Grenell

    MILLER: Tea Party.

    GRENELL: Well, now it's the Tea Party, but before that it was the religious right.

    MILLER: Right.

    GRENELL: So that has imploded because you don't see Governor Romney talking and using abortion or gay marriage divisively. You see that from Obama, not Governor Romney ...

    COLMES: Well, you don't see it from Romney, because he became moderate, as of the first debate.


    GRENELL: Well, whatever -- whatever reason is, the religious right haven't taken over Governor Romney.

    SCOTT: All right. Coming up next on "News Watch" -- are the media guilty of aiding in the cover-up in the attacks in Benghazi?


    UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The major news blackout over the disturbing details surrounding the deadly terror attacks in Benghazi rolls on. And some Navy SEALs post their views on the president's role in the Benghazi spin. But their views got censored. Who did that and why? All next on "News Watch".




    JAY LENO, HOST "THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO" Well, don't ask, don't tell is back. Not for gays in the military, it's President Obama's new policy for questions about Libya.


    LENO: Don't ask, don't tell.



    SCOTT: Jay Leno there taking a shot at President Obama over the growing concerns about a cover-up by him and his administration over details surrounding the terror attacks at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. There wasn't a whole lot of coverage, Judy, of this story before the hurricane hit. What about after?

    MILLER: Well, it was obliterated, blown away, sunk by this storm. And it disappeared except for Fox News and a couple of other reporters, Eli Lake, a few other people who are pursuing the story and asking the tough questions and continuing to produce uncomfortable facts for the White House. David Ignatius, a mainstream reporter, someone I respect enormously, a long time friend in the Washington Post said that there was no evidence that the White House or the CIA leadership deliberately delayed or impeded the rescue efforts. But that is not the issue here. The -- there are so many questions here. But one of them is, why did the senior counterterrorism security group never meet when it was supposed to? Why did these explanations continue shifting? If the president really said, deploy whatever you have to do, get -- protect our people, why did the Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta not get the memo and say we're not the fire department. There are -- there are just so many issues that the mainstream media have totally failed, totally failed to let a major story--

    COLMES: I agree that they failed, but they failed from the other side. There is a timeline that just came out on Thursday night. CIA officials [INAUDIBLE] and gave us the timeline, and there were people there within 24 minutes, and it's an outrage that the right wing and the right wing media has continued to try to play this card in the middle of an election, to hurt the president and try to play a game with the lives of four Americans and an American ambassador. It's an absolute outrage that this is continued as a narrative in the middle of--

    MILLER: It's an outrage, Alan, that those Americans have died if in fact they could have been saved. And that's what we don't know yet.

    COLMES: They couldn't have been saved. And the timeline here ...

    MILLER: We don't know that. I'm glad you know that.

    COLMES: -- has been published for all to see. And trying to blame the administration as if the administration ...


    COLMES: Well, if they had to sit by -- I'll just finish my sentence. And watch these people die, which is just blatantly untrue.

    How dare they continue to do this in the middle of an election?

    GRENELL: If that's the case, then the president of the United States should answer one question from a live reporter.

    COLMES: What questions do you think he's not answered?


    COLMES: There is no cover up.

    PINKERTON: I mean, let's just back -


    PINKERTON: FOX NEWS reporter, and I agree with Judy that they've done a great job, Catherine Herridge and Jennifer Griffin. In August, they are having -- August of last -- this year, they are having meetings, saying we think we are in trouble here in Benghazi. Now, listen.

    SCOTT: And a coordinated attack could not be repelled.

    PINKERTON: Exactly, now, what's really -- Alan, again, using that passive voice, it was at the timeline -- well, actually, it seems like the CIA were on a major offensive Thursday night for the Friday morning papers and so, front page of the Washington Post, front page of the "Wall Street Journal.

    COLMES: What did they say that was wrong?

    PINKERTON: I don't know what they said was wrong. Alan, I'm not an intelligence expert, but what I do know that it's interesting as all get out that it almost two months since this, and now there's a total pro-- David Petraeus , pro -CIA, spin going on here ...

    COLMES: Why is it spin?