• With: Judy Miller, Jim Pinkerton, Ellen Ratner, Richard Grenell

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    JON SCOTT, HOST OF "FOX NEWS WATCH": On "FOX News Watch' -- a week of anticipation as the news media got set for the big debates.


    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Governor Romney, they say, does not have to win a charm offensive on that debate stage. He simply has to prove that he can relate to average American problems. A lot at stake here.


    SCOTT: But when all was said a done, a big win for Romney, a big loss for the president, and a big shocker for the mainstream press.


    GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, CO-HOST, ABC "GOOD MORNING AMERICA": Where was the president? Where was the fight?


    SCOTT: The liberal media in overdrive, trying to spin the outcome and defend their man.


    ANDREA MITCHELL, MSNBC: Did you really mean to call Barack Obama, the president of the United States, lazy?


    MITCHELL: But I think to call the president...

    SUNUNU: All right, Andrea. Whatever.

    MITCHELL: ... lazy and...

    SUNUNU: Whatever you want!


    SCOTT: Another big story, new details about the murders of our ambassador and the other three Americans in Libya. But that was missed by most in the news business.

    A video clip from the president's past gets new attention for what was said. How did the media react? And is it fair game?

    Spanish channel Univision gets high marks for its coverage of the Fast and Furious scandal. Why didn't anyone else seem to notice?

    And the NBC-owned Weather Channel heats up a little controversy about winter storms.

    On the panel this week, writer and Fox News contributor Judy Miller, Richard Grennell, who served as press spokesman for the last four U.S. ambassadors to the U.N., Jim Pinkerton, contributing editor The American Conservative magazine, and talk Radio News bureau chief Ellen Rattner.

    I'm Jon Scott. "Fox News Watch" is on right now.

    Ah, wouldn't you love to know what the cartoon thought bubbles above their heads would say? That was the scene at the end of the presidential debate between Governor Mitt Romney and President Obama. And this is some of the coverage that followed.


    BRIT HUME, FOX SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST: He was a lot like the President Obama we're used to hearing. I don't think he seemed rusty. He seemed comfortable discussing the subjects. But I don't think he had the spark or the energy or the precision, really, tonight that Governor Romney had.

    ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC "THE ED SHOW": The president tonight was disappointing when he allowed Mitt Romney to talk about $716 billion in Medicare, and the president did not come out and explain it and go after him.

    BRIAN WILLIAMS, ANCHOR, "NBC NIGHTLY NEWS": It appeared that an energetic Mitt Romney showed up for this face time tonight before a national audience.

    CHUCK TODD, NBC WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT/POLITICAL DIR.: I think you're going to see team Obama buckle down more. They went through a lot of mock debates, supposedly, but he did seem to come out and wasn't crisp. And instead, you saw Mitt Romney -- he looked like a credible alternative tonight.

    STEPHANOPOULOS: I didn't see any knockout punches.


    STEPHANOPOULOS: I didn't see any breakthrough moments or major mistakes by either candidate. I think Governor Romney will get the boost that challengers usually get coming out of these debates.

    JOHN KING, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: If you look in the Twitterverse, it is clear that the Republicans are very, very, very happy at this moment, including the top team around Mitt Romney, a lot of liberals complaining about the president's performance.

    CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST OF "HARDBALL": Where was Obama tonight?


    SCOTT: Well, there you go, Jim! The mainstream and liberal media are just shocked; shocked that President Obama didn't win that debate.

    JIM PINKERTON, THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE MAGAZINE: Right. And Chris Matthews went on to say, I think on that segment, he says, If only the president had been watching my show...