• With: Judy Miller, Cal Thomas, Jim Pinkerton, Alan Colmes

    MARTHA MCCALLUM HOST OF "AMERICA'S NEWSROOM": Reports of widespread corruption in the Afghan government.

    BRET BAIER, HOST OF "SPECIAL REPORT": You wanted to change Washington, Mr. President.

    O'REILLY: Come on, you coward.

    NARRATOR: Designing a super approach and delivering a clear and powerful message, a decade of dominance spanning the globe as an unmatched and unparalleled news gathering operation.


    JONATHAN HUNT, FOX CORRESPONDENT: Casualty figures nearly 6,000 --


    ADAM HOUSLEY, FOX CORRESPONDENT: People could be smuggled through here.

    UNIDENTIFIED CORRESPONDENT: Opposing forces have begun fire.

    RIVERA: Everything from rape to robbery.

    TIGER WOODs, PROFESSIONAL GOLFER: I am deeply sorry.

    UNIDENTIFIED CORRESPONDENT: Police radio transformations could offer insight into what --

    UNIDENTIFIED CORRESPONDENT: Our biggest challenges you're facing --

    MOLLY HENNEBERG, FOX CORRESPONDENT: Democrats could face voter's wrath.

    WENDELL GOLER, WHITE HOUSE CORRESPODENT: Both sides believe the stakes have rarely been higher.

    RICK LEVENTHAL, FOX CORRESPONDENT: Top target for terrorists.

    MCCALLUM: We are ready to hear this verdict.

    SHANNON BREAM, FOX CORRESPONDENT: Sotomayor believes the system discriminates.

    UNIDENTIFIED CORRESPONDENT: the takes are roaring into position.

    UNIDENTIFIED CORRESPONDENT: Carrying the body of Yasser Arafat was --

    TRACE GALLAGHER, FOX REPORTER: This is our first walk through the crime scene since the shooting --

    UNIDENTIFIED CORRESPONDENT: More likely be tough over the next three weeks.

    UNIDENTIFIED CORRESPONDENT: Carrying the body of Anna Nicole Smith.

    CARL CAMERON, FOX CORRESPONDENT: There has been a barrage of attacks.

    HOUSLEY: Flames were racing up the hill.

    GREG PALKOT, FOX CORRESPONDENT: Muammar Qaddafi and his son --

    JENNIFER GRIFFIN, FOX CORRESPONDENT: There's more down here on the southwest border

    UNIDENTIFIED CORRESPONDENT: Are you all right, Bud?

    NARRATOR: 10 years at the top, building the most powerful name in the business, mapping out the new blueprint for television news. Fox News channel, 10 years at number one and counting.

    SCOTT: We needed more “News Watch” clips in there.


    That's a wrap on “News Watch” this week. Thanks to Judy Miller, Jim Pinkerton, Cal Thomas and Alan Colmes. I'm Jon Scott.

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