• With: Judy Miller, Cal Thomas, Jim Pinkerton, Alan Colmes

    THOMAS: Well, I'm sure some do. The government gets their hands --


    COLMES: You can't -- you can't discriminate based on federal dollars. According to the (INAUDIBLE) Institute, 98 percent of Catholic women report using birth control at some point.

    THOMAS: It's not that it's not available someplace else.

    COLMES: But it's not available to the poor women or women who can't get the same resources --

    THOMAS: Oh, come on.

    COLMES: -- or don't have the same resources as more economically sound women.

    SCOTT: Judy?

    MILLER: I think what's interesting is that 93 of the 195 dioceses in this country had their bishops speaking about this issue. And yet, it wasn't a news story. It was relegated to the opinion pages. I think it does qualify as news, no matter which position you take on it.

    SCOTT: You think the media are ignoring this issue?

    MILLER: I think they underplayed it. It's an important issue. But I am totally with Alan, that this is not a war on religion.

    PINKERTON: Well, the Catholics seem to think it is, but--


    COLMES: All of them?


    PINKERTON: But Matthew Balan of Media Research Center, made the great point, look, while the media were stone silent on this issue, the mainstream media that is, they were all over the Susan Komen/Planned Parenthood story, a sort of similar news holes in terms of religious, sexual issues. And the media completely pummeled the Komen Foundation, front-page story, and ignored this. Kind of interesting why. On the one hand, they were rooting for Planned Parenthood and, the other hand, rooting against the Catholic Church. Nothing new there, but quite stark in this contrast.

    THOMAS: Well said.

    MILLER: This is a health issue, not a religious issue. The Institute of Medicine has come out in favor of as much contraception and choice as possible for the health of women. Now, what the president's motivations were, we can argue about, but in terms of the facts, I think they're pretty clear.

    SCOTT: We have to take one more break.

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    SCOTT: Martha Kumar, a university professor who works alongside reporters at the White House at times, compiled the numbers and found an interesting statistic that, so far, President Obama has been interviewed 408 times during the first three years of his administration. Compare that to President Bush, who sat down for 136 interviews, and Bill Clinton, who sat down for 166. The thinking is that you don't get the wild out-of-the- blue questions in these one-on-one interviews that you might get in a question-and-answer session.

    This week, we marked a pretty nice achievement here at Fox News channel. Thanks to you, our viewers, we have been the country's most- watched news channel for 10 straight years.


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