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    Look, I have to say the most poignant thing about this thing I've read, aside from Mrs. Terry's commentary, was from Michael Hayden, a former CIA director under President Bush, who said, if only Holder shown the same leniency to the CEO against who he's been prosecuting over water boarding and everything else. I mean its total double standard. Holder holds himself to, gee, I can't remember, too bad for me, and everybody else gets the hammer.

    COLMES: And totally ignoring the other side of the story, which the media is not covering, which is that Holder was not culpable. And secondly, he may have been aware of Fast and Furious, but he was not aware of gun walking, the fact that the guns were taken from the gun sellers.


    COLMES: And that's where the problem came in, and Holder was not aware of.

    PINKERTON: Now it seems to be clear. Holder says, I didn't know about it months later, and now he's saying weeks later.


    COLMES: He knew about Fast and Furious not the gun walking. Two issues here.

    PINKERTON: Was he candid and honest with the House Government Committee? And it's apparent to me that he wasn't.

    COLMES: The media don't know the difference between the gun selling and gun walking.

    PINKERTON: You're not answering my question.

    COLMES: I didn't hear the question.

    PINKERTON: My question was --


    COLMES: I didn't hear a question.



    PINKERTON: My point was, as always, it's the issue and then the cover up. Holder, who knows about the issue, but certainly is a part of the cover up.

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    Up next, why has President Obama done more sit-down interviews than presidents of the past?

    ANNOUNCER: Guess what? President Obama has done more media interviews than the past two presidents. What does it tell us?


    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He made a big mistake.


    ANNOUNCER: And Catholics and pro-life supporters prepare for battle against Obama and his agenda against religious freedom. But the media aren't interested. Why? The answer is next, on “News Watch.”



    BRIAN WILLIAMS, NEWS ANCHOR, NBC NEWS: The governor of Arizona, with her finger in the face of the president of the United States, you don't see that often, or maybe ever.


    SCOTT: Really, Brian Williams? Here is a report from August, 2006, in New Orleans, on the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina; you seem to be pointing your finger at then-President Bush. And Mr. Obama just as guilty, making a point with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, a Republican. And again with Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu, a man with whom you've had rather frosty exchanges. The media seem to forget those moments when pointing their finger of shame at Governor Brewer. We thought it worth a mention.

    And issue that also needs more media attention, the Catholic Church in open revolt against the Obama administration over an edict demanding sterilization and contraception be included in virtually health plans. Catholic bishops have called that edict literally unconsciousable, warning we are entering a time of religious persecution, and Catholics and others will have to make a final decision which side they are on.

    Not just a Catholic issue, Cal.

    THOMAS: There were two terrific columns this week in The Washington Post, one by a former Bush speech writer, Michael Gerson, who is a very reserved guy and doesn't use incendiary language very often, but put in his column, "What the Obama administration is doing is declaring war on religion." And interestingly, E.J. Dionne, a liberal Catholic, also writing for The Washington Post, said that this was a major mistake by the Obama administration, political and even moral mistake, which, for E.J., is quite an admission.


    SCOTT: Why are you chuckling, Alan?

    COLMES: This idea there's a war on religion. Who is denied the right it to religion in the country.


    COLMES: No, they're not.


    COLMES: Do the hospitals get federal dollars?