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Sunday May 24, 2015

In 2007, former Arkansas Governor finished 2nd in the Iowa Straw Poll, an early test of support in the Presidential race. A year later he won the Iowa caucuses. But this week Huckabee announced he will not take part in the contest, and instead will focus his “campaign's attention and resources on the Iowa caucuses.” We sit down to discuss that decision and more with the Republican Presidential Candidate.

Congress faces a June 1 deadline for renewal of key sections of the Patriot Act—the government’s post-9/11 bulk collection of Americans’ phone records. On Wednesday, Kentucky Senator and GOP Presidential Candidate Rand Paul took over the Senate floor for more than 10 hours, in protest, calling for a stop of the NSA’s bulk collecting practices. Paul faces strong opposition by those who say the Patriot Act is crucial to America’s continued safety. Among them, former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, who has called for “members of Congress to back NSA efforts that support America’s interests in the digital world; without such we are inherently vulnerable.” We’ll sit down with the former Ambassador, who is out of the running for President, but is running another campaign backing an NSA extension.

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Power Player

In 2000, Tom Day made it his mission to have TAPS played by a bugle player at every military funeral across the country. He created Bugles Across America to achieve that goal. 15 years later the organization is going strong. This week, we revisit Mr. Day's story in our Power Player of the Week.

Bugles Across America