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Sunday October 04, 2015

On the next Fox News Sunday: We’ll sit down for exclusive interview with Rep Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. We’ll talk to him about the battle over Planned Parenthood funding – and the shocking revelations a Secret Service official leaked information meant to embarrass Chaffetz. Plus – we’ll discuss the shake-up facing the GOP House as it faces an election to replace Speaker John Boehner next Thursday.

The U.S. and Russia are now involved in “deconfliction talks” over the situation in Syria. Russian forces began airstrikes this week against U.S.-backed Syrian rebels, just a day after President Obama met with Russian President Putin in New York. And now new Iranian ground troops have arrived to support the Russian assault. What does Russia’s move mean for the future of the region? We’ll sit down with 2 experts-- retired four-star General Jack Keane, and Ryan Crocker, a former U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Kuwait, and Lebanon.

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Power Player

In today’s world more opportunities to connect can also mean we’re more closed off. Amar Bakshi saw this as an opportunity to create what he calls a global community center; to start a conversation. The artist and creator behind Shared_Studios’ Portal Project allows people to interact with strangers thousands of miles away. Chris joined Amar at one of his portals, trying it out himself, in our Power Player of the Week.

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