Romneys Revealed

Ahead of one of the biggest weeks of their lives, Mitt and Ann Romney welcomed “Fox News Sunday” into their home. The couple treated us to Mrs. Romney’s signature buttermilk pancakes where we learned the former governor of Massachusetts prefers peanut butter on his flapjacks.

Joining his parents were the Romney’s oldest son Tagg, his wife Jen and their six-children. Tagg reflected on family life after the governor told us he enjoys being able to talk with his family about the big decisions in their lives:

Chris: Tagg and Jen do you like having your parents and your brothers and your sisters-in-law, do you like having them weigh in on your lives?

Tagg: Yeah, we're careful with what issues we bring forward…

Mrs. Romney admitted to FNS that her husband gets advice from everyone, even her. When pressed about the issues the two may differ on she wouldn’t comment saying, “I think we have to have a united front on that area.”

In the early 90’s Mrs. Romney donated money to Planned Parenthood. In regards to her husband’s plan to cut federal funding, Mrs. Romney says, “I think that it's important that distinction is made that it's federal funding. It doesn't mean that there's not going to be a Planned Parenthood. He and Paul are going to get to Washington. And they are going to balance this budget. And they're going to have to be make -- there's going to be cuts. There's going to be cuts made to a lot of programs people aren't going to like.”

Mr. Romney responded, “I think Planned Parenthood, given the fact that it's also a major provider of abortions, shouldn't be receiving federal funding. I think it should be receiving funding from people who want to contribute and support the effort of -- of breast exams and so forth. But I don't think it's a -- it's a responsibility of the federal government to be providing money to -- to Planned Parenthood.”

The Romney’s say that they love to shop at Costco and that Mitt irons his own shirts and does the laundry. To people who view him as out of touch, Romney referenced a Popeye line, “I am what I am and that's all what I am.” Mrs. Romney explained how her husband was there for her and the family when she was diagnosed with MS, “When I was really, really sick -- and this is where I think people need to understand where Mitt comes from. I was unable to do anything that any in -- in a normal life. I couldn't go to the grocery store. I couldn't cook dinner or anything.

This was during the time Mitt was running the Olympics and he was, you know, putting in long hours. He would come home, on his way home, he would stop at the grocery store. He was making dinner. He was doing all of those things and saying, Ann, it's OK. You just -- you're fine. Don't worry about these things. That's not why I love you, because you go to the store and you make dinner. I love you because I love you, not what you do.”

On the coast of their lake house, a New Hampshire Marine Patrol laid watch making sure the Romney family is safe, showing that this man soon could become the President of the United States. Romney reflected, “It's a critical time for the country and the things I've learned over my life and the people that I've learned to work with, I think are the kind of people we need to get the country on track.”