This week on Fox News Sunday: (6/17/12)

President Obama lays out his vision for turning the economy around in the key swing state of Ohio. We’ll talk with the president’s senior adviser about the administration’s plans to get the recovery back on track.

Segment 1: David Plouffe, Senior Adviser to the President

After a series of national security leaks, we'll get a read on where the Justice Department's investigation stands, and ask whether the country's security was indeed compromised, with the Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee and former CIA Director.

Segment 2: Sen. Joe Lieberman, (I) Connecticut / Chairman, Homeland Security Committee

Gen. Michael Hayden, Former CIA Director

Plus Our Sunday Panel:

Bill Kristol – The Weekly Standard & Fox News

Joe Trippi – Former Howard Dean Campaign Manager & Fox News

Karl Rove – former Bush White House Senior Adviser & Fox News

Juan Williams – Fox News Political Analyst

And, our Power Player of the Week calls the balls and strikes on the federal government.

Power Player: Douglas Elmendorf, Director of the Congressional Budget Office