Daniels Warns There's No Guarantee that Wisconsin Will Be in Play Come November

Indiana’s Republican Governor Mitch Daniels joined “Fox News Sunday” to discuss the effect the Wisconsin recall election could possibly have on the 2012 presidential race.

Governor Daniels, who’s fought and won against unions before, warned Republicans that it would be a “huge mistake” for them to read the victory in Wisconsin as a harbinger of good things to come in November.

The governor juxtaposed his warning with a bit of advice for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Daniels said, “He’s got to use this fall as an opportunity to build a consensus across – I hope – a broad spectrum of Americans to make the big changes we need to restore a vibrant, private sector.”

He then added, “He better have an affirmative, constructive message, one of hope.”

With Wisconsin voting against the recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who fought to curb the collective bargaining rights of public employee unions, many Republicans view the political victory as a watershed moment.

Daniels said that he hopes it’s a turning point between reconfiguring the balance of power between the private and public sector.

When asked if public sector unions should be done away with altogether, Daniels answered “I think government works better without them.”