2012: Game On

Chief strategist for the Obama campaign David Axelrod, defended the president’s economic record and said the choice for voters in 2012 was whether to “go back to the same failed policies that were so disastrous in the last decade,” or choose an “economy that produces a growing middle class and that gives people a chance to get ahead.”

The president has spent a good part of recent weeks promoting the “Buffett Rule,” a plan that would have millionaires pay a minimum 30% tax rate.

Critics have pointed to Congressional analysis which estimates the revenue brought in would pale significantly to our annual deficits.

Axelrod defended the proposal as just part of a larger deficit reduction plan.

Furthermore he argued the larger point was to instill fairness into the tax system.

“Nobody can argue that it makes sense for people who are making $1 million a year or more to pay less than the average middle class worker in this country. So, it both helps us stabilize the deficit and ensures amount of fairness in our tax system.”

Axelrod dismissed recent Fox polls which show the president’s approval rating down and his presumptive opponent Mitt Romney with a slight (inside the margin of error) lead.

“We have always said this is going to be a close race. At end of the day I think American people want a vision that holds out greatest opportunity for them,” Axelrod said.

Ed Gillespie, who serves as a Senior Adviser to the Romney Campaign, also joined the program.

He hammered the president for “unemployment above 8 percent for 38 straight months… his Obamacare result in rising premiums for health insurance… We have 23 million Americans now who are either unemployed or underemployed… We have gasoline nearly double the price when he took office because of decisions like Keystone pipeline to the Gulf.”

When pressed for answers about his own candidate, Gillespie replied that Romney will, “contrast that with President Romney's pro- growth vision for a future that creates jobs and lifts people out of poverty.”