This week on Fox News Sunday: (4/1/12)

Rick Santorum fights to win a slate of consequential primaries. We’ll talk with the candidate about his chances for victory and ask how he plans to win the Republican nomination.

Segment 1: Rick Santorum, Presidential Candidate (R)

Then, we’ll preview the 2012 general election with two influential political leaders. Will health care reform be a winner, or loser, for either party? And who has the advantage when it comes to gas prices? We’ll discuss those topics and more in a lively debate with former party chairmen Haley Barbour and Howard Dean.

Segment 2: Fmr. Gov. Haley Barbour, (R) Mississippi / Former RNC Chairman

Fmr. Gov. Howard Dean, (D) Vermont / Former DNC Chairman

Plus Our Sunday Panel:

Bill Kristol – The Weekly Standard & Fox News

Liz Marlantes – The Christian Science Monitor

Chip Saltsman – Former Mike Huckabee Campaign Manager

Juan Williams – Fox News Political Analyst

And our Power Player of the Week is a world renowned brain surgeon, who’s maximizing the intellectual potential of every person.

Power Player: Dr. Ben Carson, Director of the Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkin