This week on Fox News Sunday: (2/26/12)

Next Tuesday’s Michigan and Arizona primaries could be a watershed moment for the Romney campaign. We’ll preview both of next week’s crucial primary contests when we speak Exclusively with Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney.

Segment 1: Mitt Romney, Presidential Candidate (R)

Then, we’ll talk with Governor Mitch Daniels, who delivered what many thought was a successful response to the president’s State of the Union, and ask him his thoughts on the federal government and the Republican presidential race.

Segment 2: Gov. Mitch Daniels, (R) Indiana

Plus Our Sunday Panel:

Bill Kristol – The Weekly Standard & Fox News

Evan Bayh – Former US Senator (D-IN) & Fox News

Ed Gillespie – Republican State Leadership Committee

Juan Williams – Fox News Political Analyst

And, our Power Player of the Week takes his customers on “Adventures” to help benefit local businesses.

Power Player: Tim O'Shaughnessy, Founder, LivingSocial