Gingrich Says All Candidates Must Win Home States

Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich joined “Fox News Sunday” to discuss his campaign and the upcoming primary contests.

Gingrich’s campaign has twice sat at the top of the polls, only to come back down. When asked what the cause was, the former Speaker placed the blame on “Twenty million dollars of Mitt Romney negative ads. I mean, it's not complicated.”

The candidate turned to attack Romney by pointing out that if the so called “inevitable” nominee cannot win his home state of Michigan then, “I don't know see what he says the next morning to his donors to stay in the race.”

Gingrich has had a comfortable lead in his home state of Georgia, which is the biggest delegate prize on Super Tuesday, however recently the other candidates have made significant gains.

When asked if he’d drop out if he loses his home state, Gingrich replied, “If any of the three loses our home state, if Santorum loses Pennsylvania, Romney loses Michigan, or I lose Georgia, you have I think very, very badly weakened candidacies.”

This week many political watchers, and some Republican Party insiders, have floated the idea of yet another candidate possibly jumping into the race. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush appears to be the most mentioned name. When questioned on the possibility of a Bush run, Gingrich replied, “Jeb Bush is a great guy. He would be a terrific candidate.”

However, he then offered up this warning, “I have no problem with anybody on who runs… but… this is really hard. There's no gimme here. Nobody is going to show up and become Superman or Superwoman. So, they just have to understand -- they are entering into the arena and it is a very challenge, very hard working arena.”