This week on Fox News Sunday: (6/26/11)

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann prepares to formally announce her run for president. With strong Tea Party credentials, and a well received outing during her first presidential debate, has Bachmann moved into the top tier of GOP candidates? Continuing our “2012: One on One” series of interviews, we’ll talk with the Congresswoman about her campaign’s goals and strategy.

Segment 1: Rep. Michele Bachmann, Presidential Candidate (R)

Negotiations led by Vice President Biden over whether to raise the nation’s debt limit are deadlocked. We’ll hear from a key Republican player, who walked out of the meeting, and ask why the budget talks fell apart.

Segment 2: Sen. Jon Kyl, (R) Arizona / Minority Whip

Plus, our Sunday Panel:

Brit Hume – Fox News Senior Political Analyst

Kirsten Powers – New York Post Columnist & Fox News

Bill Kristol – Weekly Standard & Fox News

Juan Williams – Fox News Political Analyst