Cheney on Killing of UBL

Former Vice President Dick Cheney joined Fox News Sunday to discuss the recent killing of Usama bin Laden. On national security issues, Cheney has been one ofthe most vocal critics of President Obama. However, the former Vice President offered words of praise on the recent counterterrorism success.

He said, I think you've got to give him a lot of credit for making the decision to have SEAL Team Six conduct the raid that got bin Laden. It's no question that was his responsibility and I think he handled it well.

I give him high marks for making the decision. Cheney was quick to note that he is still in disagreement over the presidents decision not to use enhanced interrogation techniques when attempting to get information from accused terrorists.

He stated, I still am concerned about the fact I think a lot of the techniques that we have used to keep the country safe for more than seven years are no longer available. That they've been sort of taken off the table. Now that Usama bin Laden has been killed, many are rethinking what the US should do about the war in Afghanistan, in addition to our future dealings with the Pakistani government. Cheney urged caution.

He said, What I don't want to see happen is what happened, again, in the 1980s after everybody -- after we solved the Soviet problem, everybody left Afghanistan and we ended up - ultimately the Taliban took control, Osama bin Laden showed up, it became a safe harbor, they trained twenty-some thousand terrorists to launch an attack against the United States.

If we turn and walk away from Pakistan, or Afghanistan or that part of the world, generally, I'm fearful that we're headed for trouble down the road. On the strategy President Obama has implemented with regards to the USs military role in Libya, Cheney said, I've been confused by it. I think most people have been. It's not clear exactly what the policy is.

The idea that you can turn something that important over to Libya or over to NATO and have NATO deal with Libya, and pursue our interests there, doesn't work very well. Frankly, NATO only functions effectively when the United States is involved to lead NATO.