Bachmann on Possible 2012 Run

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) joined Fox News Sunday to discuss the current debate over the budget, on the US role in Libya, and the possibility that she might run for president. Bachmann, the head of the Congressional Tea Party Caucus, has said that the budget plan, put forth by Republican congressman Paul Ryan, does not go far enough. Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace asked whether she stands by that claim.

She responded, We are on a trajectory of failure right now. So, both Paul Ryan and the Republican Study Committee were making very good responsible choices, they're trying to get America's house to balance. They aren't pieces of legislation. They're aspirational documents. The Congresswoman has been very critical of the way the White House has handled the US militarys role in Libya. She said, President Obama's policy of leading from behind is an outrage. And people should be outraged at the foolishness of the president's decision. Finally, on her own political future and whether she will make a White House run, Bachman said she will wait until June to make a formal announcement. The Congresswoman will also not be participating in the first GOP presidential debate, which will be on Fox News Channel this coming Thursday. She then added, I didn't feel that it was appropriate to be in the first official debate.