Barbour on Possible 2012 White House Run

Mississippi Governor, and potential 2012 Republican presidential candidate, Haley Barbour joined Fox News Sunday to discuss the possibility that hell make a run for the White House. On whether he will make an announcement to run Governor Barbour said, I'm not going to make a decision until April, but I am very serious about it I understand that this is a decision to dedicate the productive -- remaining productive years of my life, the next 10 years, to the most consuming job in the world. Governor Barbour was in town for CPAC, an important gathering of conservative leaders that is attended by some of the GOPs most faithful and active participants. Many see an appearance before this group as a good indicator of whether someone will run for president. CPAC attendees conducted a straw poll of likely 2012 Republican contenders and Barbour came in a tie for last place. Barbour attributed this to the fact that he had not spoken to the group until after the straw poll was concluded. He explained, A lot of young people, some of whom came up to me after and said, gee, I tried to vote for you today, but they told us we couldn't vote anymore. Barbour has recently come under attack for comments he made about his experiences during the Civil Rights era. In an article that appeared in the Weekly Standard," Barbour was quoted as saying, I just dont remember it as being that bad. The Mississippi governor brushed aside the accusation that he was being insensitive by pointing to his record while in office. He explained, You know, we can talk about my childhood if people think that's a requirement for running for president of the United States which I may do. But if you look at my record and you look at the fact that after I was elected we have had more minority business contracts. We have more African-American elected officials in Mississippi than anywhere in the country. I've had outstanding African-American members of my administration. You know, I'm proud of that record and I'll put it up.