This week on Fox News Sunday: (2/6/11)

Fox News Sunday heads to the Super Bowl, Live from Cowboys Stadium, as the Pittsburgh Steelers prepare to go to battle against the Green Bay Packers. Anchor Chris Wallace sits down to discuss the state of professional football with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Segment 1: Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner Then, football Fair and Balanced, as were joined by two Super Bowl heroes from each teams storied history.

Segment 2:Lynn Swann, Former Steelers Wide Receiver Jerry Kramer, Former Packers Offensive Lineman Plus, our Super Sunday Panel: Terry Bradshaw, Former Steelers Quarterback / Fox Sports Howie Long, Former Raiders Defensive End / Fox Sports Michael Strahan, Former Giants Defensive End / Fox Sports

And, our Power Player of the Week takes us into the broadcast booth, as he preps for the big game. Power Player: Joe Buck, Fox Sports