Your Take: Health Care Debate

We want your take on developing stories we are watching as we plan for this week's show. The big topic in Congress this week is one that has dominated Washington for the past two years: health care reform. Fox has posted a new story highlighting some of the latest developments we are keeping an eye on as we prepare for Sunday. "Three Democratic Senators Encourage Repeal of Health Care Reporting Requirement" The House of Representatives has voted to scrap the health care law, but the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D-NV), has vowed to prevent a full repeal vote in the Senate. What's next in the battle over health care reform is the hot topic this week. Click here to see how your Representative voted on repealing the health care law. A new Fox News poll finds 56% of voters say they would vote to repeal if they were a member of Congress and 39 percent would vote to keep the law in place. Feel free to tell us where you think this debate will end up.