This week on Fox News Sunday: (1/23/11)

President Obama prepares to deliver the State of the Union Address. Well get a preview of the address to the nation with the Senates top Republican and the Democratic leaderships second in command. Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace will press both leaders on their top legislative goals, what areas of compromise might be reached, and whether either will push for a new tone of civility in Washington. Segment 1: Sen. Mitch McConnell, (R) Kentucky / Minority Leader Segment 2:Sen. Dick Durbin, (D) Illinois / Majority Whip Plus, our Sunday Panel: Brit Hume Fox News Senior Political Analyst Mara Liasson National Public Radio & Fox News Bill Kristol Weekly Standard & Fox News Juan Williams Fox News Political Analyst Finally, a legendary film star lends his voice to honor the 50th Anniversary of President John F. Kennedys Inauguration. Power Player: Richard Dreyfuss, Actor