This week on Fox News Sunday: (12/12/10)

The White House and Congressional Republicans compromise on tax cuts. Now the real debate begins. Well hear from a Republican supporter of the plan, whos set to become the next Chairman of the House Budget Committee, and well get an opposing view from a House Democrat, whos become a vocal critic. Segment 1: Rep. Paul Ryan, (R) Wisconsin / Incoming Chairman, Budget Committee Rep. Chris Van Hollen, (D) Maryland / Incoming Ranking Member, Budget Committee Then, a rare Sunday Show interview with Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, as Chris Wallace sits down with the Associate Justice to talk about his new book and the current state of the highest court in the land. Segment 2:Stephen Breyer, US Supreme Court Justice Plus, our Sunday Panel: Bill Kristol Weekly Standard & Fox News Mara Liasson National Public Radio & Fox News Chris Stirewalt FNC Digital Politics Editor Juan Williams Fox News And our Power Player of the Week, designs patriotic jewelry for some of Washingtons most influential residents. Power Player:Ann Hand, Jewelry Designer