This week on Fox News Sunday: (4/11/10)

National Security retakes center stage as President Obama signs a significant nuclear arms treaty with Russia to reduce the number of long range nuclear weapons held by each nation. This comes ahead of next weeks Nuclear Security Summit when world leaders converge on Washington to reach consensus on the future of weapons of mass destruction. Plus, well have the latest out of Afghanistan and Iraq when were joined by two influential Senators. Segment 1 Guests: Sen. Joe Lieberman, (I) Connecticut / Armed Services Committee Sen. Lamar Alexander, (R) Tennessee / Chairman, Republican Conference Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is a rising conservative star whos fighting against President Obamas domestic agenda. Now that health care reform has been signed into law, what does she think is the best strategy for Republicans as they look to take back the House in November? Well ask the Congresswoman that question and more in an interview youll see only on Fox News Sunday. Segment 2 Guest: Rep. Michele Bachmann, (R) Minnesota Plus Our Sunday Panel: Bill Kristol Weekly Standard & Fox News Mara Liasson National Public Radio & Fox News Liz Cheney Former State Department Official Juan Williams National Public Radio & Fox News