This week on Fox News Sunday: (3/28/10)

The fight for the future of the Republican Party begins here, Governor Charlie Crist versus former Florida Speaker of the House Marco Rubio. The Florida Republican Primary has quickly become the most closely watched and hard fought Senate contest in the country. Many are now looking to Florida to see which candidate the GOP will choose as the party prepares for the crucial midterm elections in November. Crist versus Rubio, in an exclusive debate, and the only place to see it is Fox News Sunday. Guests: Gov. Charlie Crist, US Senate Candidate / Florida Governor (R) Marco Rubio, US Senate Candidate / Former FL Speaker of the House (R) Plus Our Sunday Panel discusses the passage of health care reform, whats next for the President, and how the Republican Party should respond. FNS Sunday Panel: Brit Hume Fox News Senior Political Analyst Mara Liasson National Public Radio & Fox News Bill Kristol Weekly Standard & Fox News Juan Williams National Public Radio & Fox News