Web Exclusive: Palin's First Sunday Show

Watch more in our web exclusive about why this is Sarah Palin's first Sunday show interview. Palin says she is "disappointed" in the media and things are very different since she studied journalism in college. After an admittedly poor media strategy during the 2008 campaign, she says she has a "once bitten, twice shy deal" with reporters. Now as a Fox News contributor, Palin says she hopes to help bring "credibility back into the media." "I do believe in the fair and balanced, hard news stories that come out of Fox News and I want to be a part of that." {VignetteVideo id="750E5A09933017A633405967AD93FB35" autoplay="off" aspectratio="1.77" assettitl="Palin%3A+Sunday+Shows" width="375" height="211" }