Junior Journalist

There were 2 interviewers hard at work today at Fox News in Washington. While I was doing "Fox News Sunday," 8-year-old Dwight Moore was in the Green Room interviewing Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell. And I wouldn't want to compare who asked better questions. How I metDwight is kind of interesting. In April of 2008, I went to Memphis--to thevery moving Civil Rights Museum there--to interview John McCain. It was arainy day. And as I rushed through the lobby to get to the interview, my feet went up from under me, I tried to break my fall with my right arm, and as it later turned out, I broke my arm. Just after that, a lovely woman named Geneva Simpson-Moore came up to me and asked if I would let her 2nd Grader interview me. That's how I met Dwight. He was polite--and prepared--and askedvery good questions. And despite the pain in my arm--and the fact I was preparing for my own interview with Senator McCain--I was delighted to spend some time with him. [caption id="attachment_971" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Dwight Interviews Sen. McConnell."]Dwight Interviews Sen. McConnell.[/caption] Ever since--Mrs. Simpson-Moore kept in touch with me by email--telling me about Dwight's various adventures and achievements. And about a month ago, she wrote me thatshe would like to come to DC to let Dwight watch the show. Today was the day. Dwight and his mom showed up--Dwight wearing a suit and tie-and sporting braces on his teeth (which he didn't have before). He met the President's National Security Adviser--General Jim Jones--who asked Dwight if he wanted to join the Marines.Then--while I was getting ready to do my show--I discovered Dwight sitting down with Senator McConnell--with a list of questions to ask him. Dwight got to watch the show from the Control Room--where the director barks out instructions. Hegot to visit the set. And we had a good talk. At the end, I told him he's got a great Mom--who is working hardto show him the world. It turns out Dwight has also met--and interviewed--former President Jimmy Carter--Hillary Clinton--John McCain--and Colin Powell. And I told Dwight--it doesn't matter what heends up doing--but he should thank his Mom by being a star at whatever he chooses. I don't have any doubts he will do just that. [caption id="attachment_972" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="In the studio after Fox News Sunday."]In the studio after Fox News Sunday.[/caption]