"Fluke News Sunday"--July 12th

I decided to put this picture at the top to get your attention. It is my son Remick--who had just caught a huge striper in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. The reason I gave this post the title I did--is that Remick and his pal Nelson Sigelman are in a fluke tournament this weekend. Each team had to come up with a name. Remick and Nelson decided to call their team--"Fluke News Sunday." Unfortunately, of the 11 teams in the contest, they are currently in 10th place. But we are all hoping for a big Sunday. Now--on to today's show. We had Senators Dianne Feinstein and John Cornyn--both members of the Senate Judiciary Committee--to preview this week's confirmation hearings for Sonia Sotomayor. Feinstein said the Judge is a "sure thing" to be confirmed--and talked about her as a living embodiment of the American Dream. Cornyn said all that wasnice, and true--but that the Committee has to examine her ability to be a responsible Supreme Court Justice. Cornyn raised questions about her "wise Latina" comments--and her ruling in the Ricci case--that the city of New Haven had the right to throw out a firefighters promotion exam--because whites did well on it, and blacks did not. Having said all that, I sensethere is not much fightamong Republicans on this. They are going to make their case against judicial activism, and dust her up on a few issues. But they don't think they can defeat her nomination. And they are concerned about blocking the first Hispanic Justice--and further alienating an important voting bloc. But there was other news for the Senators: stories out today that Vice President Cheney ordered the CIA not to brief Congress on an intelligence program--and that Attorney General Holder is leaning toward naming a criminal prosecutor to investigate whetherCIA operatives tortured terror suspects after 9/11. Feinstein--who is chair of Senate Intelligence--was outraged about Cheney's decision to keep Congress in the dark. Cornyn was against one Administration investigating its predecessor--saying the next President will find things to prosecute that the Obama team did. Cornyn and Feinstein are good guests--sharp and to the point. I always give guests a pep talk beforehand to keep their remarks "succinct." Often--they ignore me. Cornyn and Feinstein did not--and there were some sparks. Thanks for your interest. Keep watching our show. And root for Fluke News Sunday to win the fishing tournament. Chris Wallace Remick